Shri. Govindsinh Rathod Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Dahatonda's

Shri. Dr. R. G. Rathod Arts & Science College,
Murtizapur Dist-Akola

Pin Code :- 444107 (MH)
(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati)
NAAC Re-Accredited "B" Grade with CGPA 2.3

Department Of History


The Department of History was established in 2001. Mr. U. M. Bhade is the first Head of Department,The department regularly organizes educational study tours and educational projects in various parts of Maharashtra also Historical Place of India, with the objective of expanding the latent qualities of the students, creating Historical awareness among them as well as creating a Historical research attitude. The Department of History has created a distinct impression not only in the college but also in the university. Various seminars, Conferences have been organized by department of History.

Present Status

Mr. U. M. Bhade the head of the department of History. 170 students admitted as per the approval SGBAU Amravati syllabus. We are taking activities regular basic also content unit test, assignment,seminar,projects and other extension activity.

Prominent features available:

communicate the knowlwdge of History.
Develope knowlwdge and scholeastic inquiry. cultivate political values so as to boost Historical practice.
Apply the knowledge of toHistorical serview the society as a whole.